Traditional Christmas Eve dishes

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Traditional Christmas Eve dishes
What would Christmas be without the Christmas Eve supper? Probably most of us, when we think about Christmas, see through the eyes of our imagination a table decorated with a beautiful tablecloth, under which there is hay. And on the material there are already polished cutlery and festive plates, there are numerous reeds and candlesticks, a bowl with wafers …
And from the threshold of the room we are tempted by delicious, freshly prepared dishes. On the tongues we can feel the sweet taste of cakes and cookies, the saltiness of the fish and the tartness of compote of dried fruits. All these experiences mix with each other and create a unique Christmas mixture.
And although our tables do not always host twelve dishes, and they also differ depending on the region, let us take you on a small culinary journey this time and present traditional Christmas Eve dishes, mainly those on Krakow countertops. You’re welcome!
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Traditional Christmas Eve dishes – What do the numbers hide?

Before we move on to discussing individual dishes, it is worth mentioning how important was (and for some still remains) the issue of the number of dishes. Initially, there was an odd number – from seven, through nine, to eleven – depending on how wealthy the hosts were.
Traditional Christmas Eve dishes
However, the current tradition shows that in order to ensure the prosperity and happiness of the household and family members, there should be as many as twelve dishes, that is, as many as there were the Apostles. Moreover, to ensure their favor, each of the feasters should sip at least a little from each dish. Otherwise, the next year may not be as successful as the reveler wishes.
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Traditional Christmas Eve dishes – Okay, let’s move forward!

We’re talking about the numbers, and you’re definitely drooling! Therefore, without prolonging it, we come to such an important issue as undoubtedly traditional Christmas Eve dishes! Let’s get started!
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Traditional Christmas Eve dishes – Best of soups

The red sea, among which bright spots of small islets appear here and there. All this is framed by a white plate with a gilded edge. This is what borscht with dumplings looks like, based on red beetroot – a symbol of longevity and beauty.
The ravioli themselves are often filled with mushrooms, sometimes there will also be meat, although as a rule it should not be there (you will find out why in a moment). However, in less traditional homes this is not a problem at all.
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Traditional Christmas Eve dishes – Fish, fish, fish

Probably one of the most popular fish served on the Christmas Eve table is carp in its fried form and it occurs along with red borscht as one of the main dishes. Often it is from such a carp that one of its scales or the longest found bone is pulled out and put into the wallet, which is to ensure prosperity. Apart from this form, carp also likes to swim in jelly. In addition, on the festive table we can also meet other fish, which can be found in various salads.
But why are we actually eating these creatures? Well, fish is a symbol of rebirth and baptism, as well as waiting for a great event that is to come soon (the birth of Jesus). Meat is considered a balanced meal, but it does not include fish meat, hence the understanding of carp or herring as a fasting meal.

Traditional Christmas Eve dishes – Something sweet

Wheat grains, poppy seeds (especially cherished for superstition to ensure wealth and fertility), almonds and raisins – this is what makes up the unique kutia. All this is bathed in golden honey, thanks to which the dish acquires not only its taste, but also its texture, and also guarantees the favor of all supernatural forces. Kutia is served mainly in Podlasie.

Traditional Christmas Eve dishes – Gifts of the forest

Although they are not traditional Christmas Eve dishes in the strict sense, mushrooms are considered to be products of the earth and represent them on the Christmas table. They are believed to be the link between our world and the world of the dead.
In addition, like most of the above-mentioned dishes and ingredients, they are believed to promote health and guarantee happiness and abundance. Sometimes they are served in a mushroom soup, which is either a substitute for borscht or a complement to it. In addition, they are often found in such dishes as bigos, croquettes, cabbage or dumplings.

It pushes some people away, others do not make sense of the holidays without it

Dried plums, pears and apples is a mix that can make many people feel crazy with their smell. Sometimes figs, raisins and spices such as cloves or cinnamon are added to it, and then they are thrown into a large pot filled with water and a compote is made … Or rather, it is a mixture that is supposed to ensure love and peace.

Peas, peas, peas

And not only peas, but also cabbage, which, according to rumors, has the life-giving power that helps the eater to gain such vitality and health that Popeye himself would not be ashamed of! It is not only about physical health, but also mental health (which actually likes to complement and intertwine).

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