Christmas traditions

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Christmas traditions
Preparations for Christmas will soon be in full swing! Ba! Probably in some houses they have already started, maybe even at the end of November? Whatever the case, the to-do list will certainly include such items as: purchasing and decorating a Christmas tree, preparing Christmas dishes, and also thorough cleaning of the house or apartment. Perhaps some will even try to create a self-made nativity scene or assemble a group of carolers and go for a walk around the nearby houses?
All this certainly requires commitment and a lot of work. It is at such moments that all household members even lean over backwards to prepare properly for this special time. Yet in all this hustle and bustle it is easy to lose the sense of your actions. Do you know what the meaning of each of them is? In this article, let us introduce you a bit of history and explain where the various Christmas traditions came from. With such knowledge it will certainly be easier to find motivation!
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Christmas traditions

A tree like a dream!

Let’s start with the fact that originally the role of the Christmas tree was played by a “podłaźniczka”, that is a branch of a coniferous tree, mainly spruce or fir, which was hung just below the ceiling. This element of nature was decorated mainly with apples (as a symbol of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), but also hosted paper decorations, wax candles, small pastries (bread and gingerbread) and nuts. This ornament was credited with bringing such blessings as love, prosperity and health. And when it was time to get rid of the branch, it was burned and the ashes were scattered across the fields in the hope that this gesture would ensure fertility and abundance.
So what is behind the introduction of the Christmas tree we know today? This form came to us about a hundred years ago from German lands, but for financial reasons the “podłaźniczka” stayed in Polish homes for a long time, mainly those located in the countryside. But when the tree standing on the floor displaced the branch hanging from the ceiling, handmade paper chains, candies (usually very hard) and glass bubbles with a characteristic indentation became fashionable.
Christmas traditions

Nice nativity scene!

The precursor of creating nativity scenes was Saint Francis of Assisi, who built the first nativity scene in the 13th century. In our lands, the Christmas traditions of creating beautiful, often very detailed nativity scenes originated from the need of the moment, because bricklayers, unemployed in winter, decided to take things in hand and create a unique Christmas ornament that could help them earn some extra money in a difficult time. This is how richly decorated stables were created, with their splendor far from the original vision of a poor manger.
Often, buildings characteristic of the bricklayers’ place of residence became an element. And in them stood statues of Saint Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, the Magi and animals. Krakow, a city that has been holding an annual competition for the most beautiful work, continuously from the interwar period until today, is especially adored for nativity scenes.
Christmas traditions

What do Gypsy, Old Man and Devil have in common?

Probably everyone has heard about them, but not everyone had the opportunity to meet them personally, especially those living in big cities. Most of you, however, will probably guess that it’s about carolers! Shepherds, the devil and the angel, the Three Kings, Gypsies and Jews, old men and old women, turs and goats, and even policemen and chimney sweeps – this is a group of characters who tirelessly traverse the snow-covered streets and wander from house to house to proclaim the birth of the Savior by singing.
Originally, only men and boys were disguised as all of these characters, even if the role was clearly female – all because of the superstition that a female cast could bring misfortune. And yet it was another rite that was to ensure abundance and fertility understood in many ways! The carolers were not only supposed to provide the host with a harvest in the form of crops, but also to help his unmarried daughter get married well and give birth to healthy and strong offspring (for example, with one of the younger carollers who, while playing and singing, conducted a kind of reconnaissance among the maidens). In exchange for these wishes, the host was obliged to repay a small donation.

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Christmas traditions

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