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Outdoor game… or maybe escape room Krakow? Choose for yourself! Hey! If you are our regular reader, then you know for sure that some time ago we wrote about city games. It was our proposal for an interesting and emotional integration in Krakow – 2 hours of active sightseeing of our city, while playing the role of a super agent and fulfilling the arch’s dangerous mission. Remember? ?
Now we come to you with an interesting alternative, on the basis of which the whole concept of modern city games has grown. The classic escape room  takes  less time, because 60 minutes, and takes place in our premises at  Kościuszki 74,which is the perfect solution if the company event planned by you is packed with a lot of other attractions, so you have less time or you might worry about the weather. ?
So if you still want non-standard entertainment that will warm the minds of your subordinates and at the same time allow them to strengthen ties between each other… This EscapeCity has a great place to offer you! ?
Psst, you may have missed the article mentioned above – never mind! You can always catch up on reading. ? We highly recommend it to you and at the same time we refer you to the entry about the city game! At the same time, we encourage you to come back here and familiarize yourself with this text, especially if you recently typed in the search engine “company events Krakow” or “integration exit Krakow”. ? It’s like, ready to get acquainted with our offer? ?


Once in a while we hear a term, someone will say an intriguing slogan, and we are eager to check what does that word mean. However, before we return home and sit quietly behind the desk, it turns out that this phrase has already left our heads. Does that ever happen to you? Who knows, perhaps this was the case with “puzzle rooms” or “escape rooms”? Something once crips on your ears and you even thought that it’s a good idea for a company event that you are going to prepare in the near future, however… Well, in the end, in the sheer of duties, you simply forgot to explore the subject.
So don’t worry! We come to the rescue! ? In this part of the article everything will be explained and you will learn what an escape room Krakow is! Well, the case is as follows: the participants have the task of exploring the space in which they are, looking for clues and finally solving further puzzles. This leads to the fulfillment of the mission assumed by the scenario, for example, capturing a ruthless murderer or finding a dangerous virus and creating an antidote based on it! But beware! To finish the tasks, you have only 60minutes– believe us, in the context of the task set before the team, it is not too much time. We promise that no one will be bored. ?
Everything is supervised by the Game Master, i.e. a person who, at the express request of the participants, is ready to step in and lead the group to a given solution. Importantly, in EscapeCity we adhere to the principle of not spoiling the fun, but rather focus on gentle guidance.
You have probably noticed that we mentioned the scenarios: in our premises there are rooms of various subjects, including: adventure-pirate (arr!), criminal and sensational. It’s up to you and your colleagues what you choose! And if you want to get acquainted with every plot – no problem! We are happy to accommodate you in any of the rooms! ?


Here’s why our proposal is the perfect answer to your inquiries from the series: “integration exit Krakow” and “corporate events Krakow”. ? But what exactly do we mean?
Well, our puzzle rooms are definitely quite an original and memorable idea. Let’s be honest: against the background of bowling, pubs and billiards, it stands out quite strongly. ? And this means that you and the participants you invite will certainly not be bored!
In addition, the escape room we offer for companies provides a whole lot of emotions – as we wrote above, there is not much time to complete the mission! In addition, the personal involvement of players, by taking on the role imposed by the script, also makes everyone excited. ? But this is not the end!
If you are interested in integration, it means that you care about it. And we are able to provide it! Participants of the game act as one team. They also have a common goal in front of them and in order to achieve it, they must cooperate closely with each other. The flow of information is important, as well as mutual assistance. I guess that’s what you meant, right? ?
In addition, there is a chance that during the game there will be some significant side effect for you. What? Well, perhaps, if you only decide to distance yourself a bit, you will see in your subordinates some previously undiscovered talents? Who knows what will surprise you with a hard-working Mrs. Irenka or usually taciturn Arek from the HR department on a daily basis? ?
Another additional effect that has a real chance of existing is the admiration, appreciation and even greater sympathy that your team will give you. After all, with EscapeCity you will provide them with many pleasant memories, allow them to form stronger bonds, and also help them relax!
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Well, we believe that after reading this article, you have no more doubts. ? And since they have been finally dispelled, there is no point in postponing the decision to contact the EscapeCity team any longer. ? Determine the details of the entire project, then call us or write to us. We look forward to your application!

Let’s prepare something together!