Outdoor city game ending with an official dinner

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Outdoor city game ending with an official dinner

Case Study: Teambuilding event in Krakow – outdoor city game ending with an official dinner Client: Kubas Kos Gałkowski – KKG, law office looking for an extraordinary entertainment Amount of players: 50 Time of realization: 1,5 month (since receiving the order) Play time: 2,5 hour  of an outdoor city game + dinner time Language: polish
The order: KKG law office came to us asking for the highest quality entertainment for their employees. The office has been operating for 25 years, offering their services for both polish and foreign businesses. Working together with our client, we came up with 3 priorities for our target group:
  • Organizing a high quality, extraordinary entertainment in Krakow
  • Spotting a perfect place for an after-game dinner for a group of 50
  • Choosing a game route that will allow the players some escapism as well as a relaxing time in nature, even though the game takes place in Krakow


LOGISTICS: The biggest challenge of the order that contained both the game and the dinner plans was the amount of people. The first thing we set out to prepare was the route that would lead the group right into the chosen restaurant. After contacting a few contenders we decided to work with our neighbors, Vanilla Sky Restaurant. It’s a beautiful place that’s a part of a 5-star Niebieski Hotel. It also has a clear view of the Wawel Castle. The game route made our players go through a historic Zwierzyniec district that’s not as widely known as the Old Market Square or Kazimierz. Part of the route was a scenic walk in a park called Malczewski route named after a popular polish painter.
wyjście integracyjne kraków
THE SCRIPT AND THE PUZZLES: We decided to offer our clients – hardworking lawyers – a journey into a fantasy world full of magic and fantastic creatures. The script included the historic sites that were on the route into the story as well as some archival photos of that area and made them part of the puzzles. We hoped that such a game would offer some escapism and rest from their day-to-day work routine. Every little thing that we put into the game to make it special really served its’ purpose and enriched the experience of the players. What was the point of the game? Our Heroes were supposed to save the world from creatures that were entering our plain through a portal to a different dimension.
Company event in krakow – realization: We divided the group of 50 into five teams of 10 players. We equipped them with a game sets, including: iPads with the gaming software and AR technology and a bag full of items that would be necessary for solving the riddles. The iPads showed a map with GPS tracking and  marked points where there are puzzles waiting.
wyjście integracyjne kraków
There were a few dozen of puzzles to be solved on the route and they were not easy! We have prepared clues for each and everyone of them though, so the players could ask for them at any point to keep them moving forward. Additionally, a team of experienced Game Masters was available on the phone for the whole time, just in case some more help was needed. Every team had the same goal – saving the world! And so, our brave Heroes ventured out to face the challenge.


After the game, the players went straight to the dinner table, where there was wine and beer waiting for them to have something to celebrate with! If you were wondering how we did, the message from our client says it all. We are very thankful for the trust that was put in us and happy about the realization of the project. We’ll be glad to do it again!
Dear Ela, Thank you for organizing the amazing game for us! The players were delighted. You were right in suggesting the Salwator route, especially because the weather was perfect for it. I got the photos – it’s great to have them, we were in such a hurry during the game we forgot to take our own. Sending regards and wishing more creative ideas ?
wyjście integracyjne kraków

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