For cultural institutions

Promote culture innovatively

With an idea, fun and new technologies.

We’ll show you how!

At Escape City, we prove every day that nothing is impossible for us.

We also direct our offer to cultural institutions – such as museums, theaters, operas
and philharmonics – whom we help to arouse people’s curiosity to art.
How? Our way! 😉


Order a dedicated program

Our way – interactive game full of riddles, perfectly matching yours
institutions. We play, but also show, teach and most of all we expand people’s horizons.
The game organised is like this to put emphasis on education and has impact on every of her aspects. It will be as You please it to be.

Safety is our priority

We know your concerns and have ready solutions for them. We design our games for years.
We coordinate them, we are taking care of safety – both participants and equipment.
Because of this the risk is minimal, and You can stay calm.


We will do it for you

Are You chronically out of time? Sure thing. That’s why on our meeting we are maximum prepared.
initiative and diligence is our second name. We know Your needs and we know how to satisfy them.

Let’s meet

It doesn’t cost You a think. Do you have any doubts whether escape games fit your institution? See our case study from the Philharmonic Escape Room project.
Just meet us, we will present You details and our ideas.
What do You say?

Who are we?
We work for Your trust

Escape City is a creative team that focuses on quality in our entertainment. Our city games and the escape room are logical games, full of puzzles and riddles.
We are happy to move this concept further and we have experience in this
our clients are not only individuals and companies, but also tourist and cultural facilities
And events are also our thing!

Let’s get to practice What does our method look like?

A game full of riddles is played within the walls of your institution, and individual hints to complete it are displayed on a special basis adapted iPads. There’s competition, fun and a dose of solid knowledge which is expanding horisons.


We’ve already done it.

See our case study from the Krakow Philharmonic

They have written about us…

(And they were saying it was awesome!)

We have much more for you than marketing texts – hard evidence in form of
Satisfaction our customers with our work .
Check out review of our actions in newspapers and references from our customers. And later write us Yours!


Write, we will be happy to tell you more