Christmas traditions

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Christmas traditions
We included some Christmas traditions in an earlier article and this time we come with another dose of them. Again, for a moment we will focus on the topic of carolers, but we will work on not so much of the characters and the habit of walking around houses, but rather we will focus on one of its inherent elements, i.e. singing Christmas carols.
Besides, we will take a closer look at the shepherdess culture. As always, we will also remind you that a special Christmas game is waiting for you, to complete it you will undoubtedly need knowledge of Christmas Eve rituals.
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Let’s sing Christmas carols! Christmas traditions

Apart from breaking the wafer and giving each other wishes, one of the most touching and uniting moments is singing Christmas carols together. There are many of them in Polish culture, and each region of the country can boast of its own texts and arrangements. This can be seen especially well when we come across a special concert that is broadcast on television every year.
No wonder that such an attractive form of celebrating the birth of Jesus has survived to our times. And the history of Christmas carols in Poland goes back to the Middle Ages! Although originally Polish Christmas songs began to be created at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. Previously, only Czech and Latin texts were translated.
Christmas traditions
The very entry “carol” has its etymology most likely in the Latin “calendae”, which was supposed to mean “the first day of the month”, but in our circles this understanding reached a slightly wider period of time, up to the whole year. Thus, the word “carol” in the Slavic territories referred rather to the beginning of the year.
You will probably not be surprised by the fact that one of the most popular Christmas carols today is “Cicha Noc”, which we can also know in “Silent Night” or “Stille Nacht” versions (some people boast of knowing the Latin “Alma nox”). The mentioned song has been translated into three hundred languages! You can see, some Christmas traditions are timeless, and also do not know such barriers as latitude.
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And at midnight … Christmas traditions

Do you feel this vibes? Dead night, a million stars twinkle in the sky. The road strewn with crunching snow underfoot is illuminated only by a pale glow from a lightly fading street lamp. And somewhere on the horizon there is a warm light tinted with colors of stained glass. Eventually you begin to hear the first melodies emanating from nothingness.
You feel how your whole body is filled with pleasant warmth, despite the ubiquitous frost. You’re close now. Soon you will sit on a wooden bench in one of the side aisles, so that you can feel a little part of this community, and at the same time have the opportunity to observe the gathered faithful from a distance. Soon you will get this blissful atmosphere and you will also join this harmonious choir with your voice. Sounds familiar?
Of course – it is about the Midnight Mass, which is a one-of-a-kind mass that takes place at midnight on December 24-25. As the name suggests, this rite refers to the shepherds who waited all night for the birth of Jesus and bravely stood by the side of Mary and Joseph in a poor stable.
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Christmas game , – get to know other Christmas traditions!

There will probably be many more rites not listed here. As is well known, each region prides itself on its individual rituals. If you are curious if you know them all, then try to meet the challenge that the Old Gremlin has prepared for you.
An online Christmas game is an amazing opportunity to spend time with your loved ones in a creative and joyful way. By the way, each of you will remember the Christmas traditions that may have faded into oblivion in the everyday chaos. And the fun itself is not just anything, because you will have to free Santa Claus, and thus – save Christmas! So let’s go! Get on your adventure as soon as possible!

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Christmas traditions

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