Adventure escape room online

– online team building

Case Study

Adventure escape room online

Case Study

Adventure escape room online – online team building

Although remote work has its advantages, interpersonal relationships certainly suffer from such a solution. And they also translate into employee productivity and the quality of activities!
A conversation via Teams, Google Meet or Zoom is not the same as going out to go bowling, to a restaurant or an escape room in the evening. In the puzzle room, integration participants not only have a great time, but also have the opportunity to focus together on an interesting mission and solve it.
So difficult times have come for those who care about having a close-knit team of associates. However, maybe it’s not as bad as it may seem? It’s important to look for opportunities.
Adventure escape room online
Our team received dozens of e-mails from organizations that at that time wanted to take care of a slightly cool atmosphere among colleagues. In response to this demand and guided by our mission to provide more joy, we started the creative and implementation process.
As a result, something was created that will surely help to move the members of the company team a bit and make them sparkle again! Are you ready? That’s great, because here is a virtual escape room as an online integration! Now you know that nothing is impossible!

Magic on the computer screen

Adventure escape room online
Before we summarize the plot for you, let us briefly discuss the mechanics of the game itself. Perhaps “escape room online” sounds a bit exotic, so we will dispel your doubts;) As you probably already guessed, you don’t have to leave the house to take part in the game. All participants will need a laptop or computer, a mouse and access to a webcam. Basically the standard set that you use at work;)
Each player’s cursor is visible on the screen, which allows participants to think about solutions to puzzles and break codes. You can also connect with each other on the messenger of your choice (e.g. teamsy, google meet, webex or zoom) and develop a voice action strategy.

Adveture escape room online „Around the world in 60 minutes”

Okay, what kind of story have we prepared for you? Well, imagine that quite recently a group of researchers came across a mysterious chamber that seems to be hiding something valuable. However, there is one problem – entering this amazing place is not that easy! In order to be honored and open the door of a chamber, gemstones must be obtained… scattered all over the world! At least that’s what the ancient tablet hanging at the closed gates says. This is where the tips are written, but understanding them takes some effort.
This is where you – the adventurous Cipher Breakers come into play! To get the stones and break all codes, you have to go on a trip around the world. Help in completing the mission is waiting for you on almost all continents! Ready to go on this crazy expedition ?!
Adventure escape room online

Only advantages

As you can see, the fun is great, and there are no disadvantages;) “Around the world in 60 minutes” is a synonym of cooperation. It is in this game that participants will have to exchange information with each other, help each other, all the time having one goal in sight – solving puzzles and “leaving” a virtual room. And this will undoubtedly translate into cooperation within the company.
There is also no shortage of emotions here – the participants only have an hour to play, and believe that we have not been idle while preparing puzzles for you;) Time is pressing, and somewhere on the edge of consciousness there is a fact that there are competing groups that are already waiting for the first place … And on top of that, we’ve also added a captivating story! It sounds like a real bomb, doesn’t it ?!
And this is not the end of the advantages! What exactly do we have to offer? Let’s check …
  • Convenient online mode involving larger groups of participants? Check! Re-tightening employee ties? Check! A solid dose of entertainment? Check! Adrenaline rush and gamification? Check! Stimulation of neurons and layers of creativity? Check! That’s five “yes” times! So let’s try it!

We invite you to play

  • SATISFACTION: 100% 100%
  • FUN: 100% 100%
On behalf of us and the team, we would like to thank Gamescape for having a great time. Of course, Santa is saved, so we expect wonderful holidays and lots of gifts 🙂 We decided on your offer due to the lack of possibility to meet in the “real world”. These types of ‘on line’ activities allow for integration and fun with a grain of salt 🙂
Paulina Wolna

Head of Buying Center POZNAN & EU Key Account Indirects NIVEA, Nivea

Was great. Thank you for your smooth cooperation! I will definitely recommend you and please let us know when new online escape room scenarios will appear. Greetings,
Justyna Sobieralska

If you liked our proposal (and we assume you do;)), be sure to visit our website and contact us! As always, we are waiting impatiently for you! Together, we will design a great online integration full of puzzles and emotions. Until next time! Gamescape team
The online integration was really successful, everyone had a good time. The technical challenge – some people were delayed to the place where the puzzle was solved. However, the puzzles themselves were a revelation – from simple to difficult, very interesting and addictive, everyone expressed only extra opinions. The idea for such integration was related to a large group and, of course, the current pandemic situation. We used to take part in a real city game as a team, so we knew that people would like this atmosphere. I hope that soon it will be possible to repeat the integration “in real life”. Thank you very much for organizing a really great fun!
Monika Tomczyk,

AXA XL, a division of AXA

virtual escape room
The attraction is light and pleasant, and I needed one. The current restrictions do not allow normal meetings, so at least this way we can be together. We work in one department and I think we are missing such meetings now. We had an online pre-Christmas meeting, but I wanted to spice it up. The option of such joint games and online games is good for the present day. The game itself was addictive, the puzzles were interesting – some easy and some required a moment of reflection. Compared to the escape rooms I’ve been to – the Christmas game was easier (but maybe that’s the goal). thank you once again regards
Bogdan Rokicki

Manager IT, DHL Parcel Polska Sp. z o.o.

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