Case Study

Company event at the Akamai headquarters

Krakow 2018
Case Study:聽Company event in the headquarters Klient: Akamai Technologies Poland Number of participants:: >60 Duration: 1,5 months Game Time: 2 h Language:聽polish
Welcome again! 馃檪 Behind us another game and another case study! We know you couldn’t wait. ? Who is this time about?

OUR Client:

Akamai Technologies Poland – a company that has more than 240,000 servers in the world, the founders have revolutionized “Content Delivery” via the Internet. Sounds serious and WOW, right? And the game was also to have the WOW effect, because the participants took the role of secret agents! And it wasn’t just anyone, as many as 60 students from Krakow high school and teachers! The idea was to bring young adults behind the scenes of such a corporation and to honor the memory of its founders – a beautiful play: IT project.

Corporate Event at the Headquarters – Mileage:

The game began on October 13, 2018 at the headquarters of Akamai Technologies Poland at Opolska Street, which for almost two hours turned into an Operation Center for undercover agents! And completely, because the company’s employees personally got involved in the game and turned into Senior Agents! This is called own contribution and employee volunteering and empoyee branding! ?


As you probably already know, breaking down diagrams and individual approach to clients is our standard. So it was this time! The puzzles referred to facts about Akamai Technologies. Participants had to know the answers to such questions as: the name of the founder, year of creation and the name of the building in which the company’s headquarters is located. Admit it yourself – it’s worth knowing!
The game was crowned with a delicious treat at the Bia艂opr膮dnicki House – whoever has not been a witness to the wedding at least once, let him quickly make his own there!

Company event in the office and from the backstage:

We are slowly coming to the end, but what would a case study be without a description of how it all looked from the inside? ?

It was interesting - our agents from Escapecity had previously walked around the company, looking for the best locations for individual tasks.

It was important to engage employees at the same time, but not to interrupt their incredibly responsible responsibilities!

As for the engagement - it was necessary to pick out a few Senior Agents, and it was not easy because there were a whole lot of them!

Ultimately, however, it worked! For this, we created and gave participants dedicated materials that allowed players to better find themselves.

? You see – we’ve worked a little bit.
  • SATISFACTION: 100% 100%
  • FUN: 100% 100%
Event firmowy w siedzibie
Participants and organizers, as usual, were left with positive feelings, emotions and unforgettable memories. 馃榾 And we are waiting for more such orders! We invite you to contact us and cooperation: hello @ escapecity /

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