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It’s a peace of cake for us – Samsung code breakers

Krakow 2019

Jeśli czytaliście nasze poprzednie case study, wiecie już na pewno, że organizacja imprez firmowych to dla nas pestka. Zapewne nie macie co do tego żadnych wątpliwości. Co, oczywiście, nie oznacza, że nie pochwalimy się kolejnym takim przedsięwzięciem, jakie stanowi event escape room. ?

Case Study: organization of company events – escape room and promotion Client: Samsung Number of players: 150 Game time: 3 days Language: polish

How it all started?

Who did we take to play this time? About 150 traders who’s got not one, but three escape rooms for themselves. It was: criminal Anatomy of crime, orientalne oriental Dragon’s Escape and spy Identity of Bergmann.. All of this took place on weekend form 22 to 24 February 2019 and they choose us as only company in Krakow to arrange promotional event well know producer of electric devices in escape rooms.

Organization of company events – point

What was the point? The idea was to fuse Samsung’s products with the story of escape rooms to surprise players, but also to show possibilities of the products in innovational way. That’s why we included products as a part of the fun, they were supposed to help players in solving riddles. Sound’s interesting? Because it was!

Organization of company events – predators

Every team was made from three to eight players, each team have 60 minutes to complete rooms. For the best teams was waiting special prize – tickets for next, closed event! Number of winners was limited – only 100 lucky players could win it. Vision of special prize only increase competition between teams.

Organization of company events – backstage

And how it all looks from the backstage? Even that start of the game was planned for 15:30, whole preparation started for us 5 hours before event! That’s exactly how much time it took to move whole equipment’s and prepare them for game. A lot, doesn’t it? Imagine that we needed to make special test run, and local managers became our guinea pigs. Did they make it? Of course they did!
Fortunately, we had big credit of trust from our partners – BRAVE agency and it’s client. We combined our strength to fuse Samsung’s devices without prejudice on the story but also to make it more interesting. And to be honest, it turns out great, what was clearly visible form players reactions.


  • SATISFACTION: 100% 100%
  • FUN: 100% 100%
As always, everything turn out great and everyone came out with package full of positive experience. Players will remember about devices offering by Samsung, and us and our organization once again had opportunity to see that busines and fun can get along pretty well.
If you also thing that way, give us a shot! Especially that in short time we will be opening our new room – protocol C.H.I.M.E.R.A. For your use are also rest of our rooms – Anatomy of Crime, Dead mans chests, Lost Crystals, or our mobile escape rooms like Pirate adventure or Einstein AR. Let yourself be carried away and organize your company event with us!

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