Who brings gifts

a few words about a nice bearded man with a heavy sack

Krakow 2020

Who brings gifts
Every child knows well that just before the first star, somewhere near the shimmering Christmas tree, a whole pile of various sizes of packages will appear at any moment. There is probably no one like this who would not expect this moment with impatience and flushed face. Fragrant dishes and caroling together are a piece of cake with the long-awaited blocks or game. After all, you worked on such a gift all year round, helping your mother in the kitchen and cleaning up your own pad! There were some sins along the way, but would anyone notice such slight flaws? It happens to the best!
Who brings gifts

The magic of Christmas – gifts appearing out of nowhere

These are the thoughts most often swirl in small heads when it is time to sit down at a lavishly laid table. However, somewhere in this tangle sometimes one, quite important question appears: who brings the gifts?
These are the thoughts most often swirl in small heads when it is time to sit down at a lavishly laid table. However, somewhere in this tangle sometimes one, quite important question appears: who brings the gifts? Sometimes there is a suspicion – frightening at least – that those who know well about children’s desires are parents. After all, it is them who spend days, even months, constantly listening to all these “oohs” and “ahs”, whenever an ad shows an incredibly beautiful pony figurine or an interactive kitty. But it can’t be!
Who brings gifts
All these wonders appear so unexpectedly, just when nobody is watching! This must be done by someone with the magical power of appearing and disappearing at the snap of a finger! Mom and Dad are sure to fall out! But maybe they know the answer? And then the question comes up again, this time spoken aloud: mommy, who’s bringing gifts?
Who brings gifts

Action called “Free … the Star?!”

Bingo! It turns out that the parents know very well who the mysterious figure is! To bring it closer to their children, who are so eager for answers, mom and dad turn on a mysterious page on the computer. This is nothing but a Christmas game!
All dedicated to finding Santa Claus – a nice old man with a gray beard, a greeeat belly and a heavy sack full of bundles! So it’s this lovely gentleman! Dad says it’s one of the theories. In some houses, there is a belief that the baby Jesus (this is his birth we celebrate), the Angel (with beautiful, long hair and spreading wings) or the Star (giving us a wink straight from heaven) deals with the distribution of gifts.
However, according to what the Christmas game says, it is Santa Claus who brings the gifts. He has his house in frosty Lapland, and it is there that he lives with a whole group of devoted elves and gremlins who collect information all year round about the deeds of children from all over the world and about what these toddlers would like to find under a coniferous tree. This time, however, one of the gremlins got angry when he discovered that both kids and adults were forgetting their holiday traditions. It is for this reason that he abducted the old man, and this is inextricably linked with the lack of gifts!
Who brings gifts
Parents explain to their children that gifts are only one aspect of many. After all, it is mainly about cultivating goodness and love towards other people during this period. This is where one empty spot for a lost wanderer comes from! The Christmas game will not only help to free Santa Claus, but above all, it will teach the new generation what is especially important at this time! For example, that Christmas is also a moment when you do not need anything, and you can do everything, and this is the best time to spend time with your loved ones – whether in person or with virtual tools, preferably having fun. In that case, it’s a great idea to play together! Join forces and reflect Santa Claus! Who knows? Maybe in the meantime the desired pile of packages will appear?
Who brings gifts

When everything is known

After the game is over, every little one will know who brings gifts (Santa Claus / Christmas / Baby Jesus / Angel), to whom (polite children and adults) and why (to appreciate their efforts, reward for good deeds and motivate them to further actions). They will also learn what other Christmas traditions are being cultivated, understand their meaning and perhaps be inspired to implement them and maintain them in the coming years. And then no Gremlin will ever get the idea of confusing this magical time!

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