Teambuilding game

for 100 people as a company event entertainment

escape city

Teambuilding game for 100 people as a company event entertainment

Case Study: Teambuilding game during a big company event – a great get-to-know activity

Client: Constantia Flexibles Poland Holding Sp. z o.o., a company looking for an original entertainment for their employees

Participants: 90-100 people

Time of completion: 2,5 months (since receiving order)

Duration of the game: 65 minutes of teambuilding game, 10-15 minutes extra for explaining the rules and finishing statements.

Language: polish


Ania came to us with a special request: do something so the employees can finally get to know each other! The company was organizing a big event with a dinner for all the emplyees. Our client knew however that the dinner itself is not enough to establish relationships in such a big group. We were happy to step in and clarify our objective in this mission:

– integrate employees from different departaments, some of them meeting for the first time during this event

– come up with an engaging story that will keep everyone entertained

– spice it up with some competition to keep the game dynamic and engaging



Trying to come up with the best way to organize such a game we focused on efficiency. Waiting in a never ending queue to finally get to play a game can easily kill the excitement. Dividing the group into smaller teams had to go nice and quick.

Additionally, the client asked us to make sure the teams complete their missions simultaneously so that the game wouldn’t get in the way of their dinner plans. We also had to give a fair chance at winning to everyone involved – especially with special prizes from the client involved 🙂


After analyzing all the factors, we proposed a technologically advanced idoor game with AR titled Enigma Experts: Operation London. The indoor game has one big advantage – no need to worry about the weather, nothing can stand in the way of the realization.
The plan was for all the employees to play our game in one big space. For an hour, they became secret agents. Like Benji and Luther from Mission: Impossible they connect with the field agents to help them stop an evil organization. Each team receives the same playing kit and then do their best to get the most points and successfully finish the mission.


The moment our proposal was accepted, we got down to work. Our graphic design team worked on the aesthetcs of the puzzles. We created special stylized secret files and folders with AR holopads. We filmed videos with introductions, which helped us preapre the players for the game efficiently (each team watched a message from a field agent explaining their mission). We also designed two different endings, depending on whether the agents’ mission was successful or failed.
Our pointing system helped us determine the winners of the challenge – each taks had its own points, the players could get more if they got the answear right away or less if the had to use a tip from an agent. The final score depended on both the amount of points collected and the time it took to complete the game – it kept the players on their toes and highly invested!
The whole event happened in a restaurent where our client was organizig a dinner after the game. We divided the 100 players into 16 teams of 6. The teammates were random for each player so that the employees got to know people they don’t usually work with. Every employee entering the restaurant got a card which then translated to their team number. Each team got an iPad with the puzzles and the secret files needed to complete the game.


Teambuilding game Enigma Experts during a company event for 100 people was a hit! The whole ordeal was well executed. The teams were highly invested in the game and did their best to win the main prize by puzzle-solving, code-breaking and system-hacking. The employees got to know each other well through the game, seeing each others’ strenghts and having fun together. The world was saved!

Seeing the reception of our game, the EscapeCity team felt very proud of their achievement. As the players got to save the world, we as well felt that our mission was completed.


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