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Aleksandra Świętek, Halsang Sp. z o.o.

„Gamescape Sp. z o.o. organized a team building attraction in outdoor style for our company. Our partnership ran smoothly and very professional. The Gamescape team were truly engaged in our play and thanks to that we received very personalized scenario, based on our activities and values. The game itself and augmented reality were an interesting experience for every participant. We recommend Gamescape as a professional organizer of games and activities for team building groups”

Krzysztof Gaudyn, Medius Poland Sp. z o.o.

We are very grateful for a good company event organization! We quickly refined the details (Even though there were some changes, there wasn’t any problem). The group was smoothly taken care of (16 people; mostly English). Rooms were on a high level. There was no problem with using the credit cards and the invoice was ready on the next day.
We highly recommend this company!

Convoy Logistics Platform

We are pleased to recommend you the cooperation with the Gamescape company based in Cracow regarding the organization of the integration event.

The Team Gamescape has prepared a fantastic team game for our employees, divided into two stages: escape rooms, which flows smoothly into a city game around Cracow. Participants, with using their unconventional thinking and associating various facts as well as their analytical skills and not to forget cooperation in the group had an important mission – to save the world.

Organization of a team game for 20 people required a very well-thought-out strategy as well as logistics skills. The Gamescape team demonstrated total professionalism, commitment and ingenuity. The proposed methods of building a team exceeded our expectations.

It was a unique adventure for our team. We are pleased to recommend cooperation with Gamescape as an organizer of integration events for people who value creativity, reliability and excellent customer service at every stage of the project.


Gamescape in Dziennik Polski

Tajemnice, zagadki, labirynty Filharmonii Krakowskiej

Muzyka. Filharmonia Krakowska zmienia się w… escape room, czyli pokój zagadek.

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Off Radio Kraków

Interview in Off Radio Kraków

Radio Pogoda

Interview in Radio Pogoda

Gamescape in Gazeta Krakowska

Filharmonia Escape Room

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