Privacy Policy for Escapecity Treasure Hunt Apps

The statement applies to all treasure hunt game apps published with the Escapecity system. This includes the Escapecity Hunt app and all customer branded apps made by Escapecity.


Last updated: 11.01.24 to clarify better the player information retention rules.


Personal information stored on the host server

A comprehensive list of personal information transmitted from the app to the Escapecity host server.


User data stored on server in all games (excluding offline games)

Player name entered (fictional name)

Email address entered (optional)

Time when treasure locations are found and how the challenges are resolved

Photos uploaded by players as part of solving a challenge

Invitation and voucher codes redeemed

User data visible to other players in an online multiplayer game

Player name entered (visible on the scoreboard)

Timestamp when treasure locations are found and how challenges are resolved

Photos/videos uploaded by players as part of solving a challenge (the game creator has an option of using this challenge type or not)

Device Access Permissions the app asks for

Read the GPS location of the user to show on the map and to activate treasures when on location. The user’s location isn’t shared or sent to the server.

Bluetooth for iBeacon proximity reading is used in some indoor games to activate stations automatically

Access to the camera for the user to take photos used in some game challenges

Save a photo taken to the photos’ gallery (camera roll)

Access to the Microphone if the player is doing a video challenge in a game

Data that we do not store

Financial data, such as credit card information, or the user’s location is never stored on the server or in the app.


Where is the information stored and how is it treated?

The Escapecity servers and database are hosted with Amazon AWS in London, UK, and only there.  The AWS data privacy policy is available here.


No personal information is shared with any 3rd party services.


Player Information retention and deletion

Player-generated content is content generated and stored on our servers while playing the game or when signing up. The content is; uploaded photos, videos, scores in games, player’s fictional name and the player’s email address if any.


The player information is stored on our servers and retained as follows:

  1. Player deleted by the game publisher


The game publisher can remove player information from scoreboards from the Escapecity Builder.

  1. Anonymous players are deleted automatically after 90 days


90 days after finishing a game, the player information is removed from the game if it hasn’t been removed by the publisher before.

  1. Registered players control themselves when their data is deleted


Players with a registered email address can delete their data from Escapecity website using an email verification process

Please note that only some of Escapecity app have a sign-up/login process when running the app for the first time.  Hunt app players are all anonymous.


Apps with Login and Signup

Some branded apps have a signup & login feature where the user sets up their user profile with name, email, and other additional information that can be different between branded apps. The user profile has at least the Player name and email address, but in some apps, there is additional information like postal code, full name, etc.


Players can delete their user profile from the app which will remove them from all of the games they have played and all of the information they have uploaded as part of their gameplay or signup process.


Please note the player is only prompted for player name during signup if game creator is using the login feature.  When not using the login feature, the player is prompted for a player name when they join the game. An email address can be requested at that time as well.


Anonymous data collected for Analytical purposes

Our apps may utilize Google’s Firebase service to collect anonymous analytics about the app’s usage. This information is not used for promotional purposes or available to 3rd parties except the publisher of the app.


Escapecity is GDPR Compliant

When content creators sign up to Escapecity®Builder they approve Terms of Services and agree to Escapecity Privacy Policies.


As players can play games anonymously as written here above no sensitive data is stored in the app. Escapecity has a Data Protection Policy and if would like to look at it or if you require a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) it can be found here.


Further information


For more information, you can view our detailed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.