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Hey, entrepreneur!

Do you feel that lately your team’s enthusiasm has declined a bit? Employees seem to tired, stagnant in one place, saddened? Are you worried that such a situation will reflect negatively on the condition not only of individuals, but also of your company? Any self-respecting employer is well aware of the principle that a rested and properly stimulated subordinate is a benefit to any business!

Undoubtedly, you yourself count among this noble group of wise managers. That’s why you’re looking for a solution to help your employees catch the wave and set off to conquer the world with renewed energy 馃槈 .
Probably there is a spark in your head about how to revive the team, but it is possible that there are some obstacles in the way. Perhaps there is not much prospect of going somewhere with a larger group anytime soon? Or the place you are interested in is too far away?
Rest assured then – we have something special for you! As soon as you familiarize yourself with this article, you will surely believe that online company integration is the perfect solution for you!

Spokojnie wi臋c, mamy dla Ciebie co艣 specjalnego! Kiedy tylko zaznajomisz si臋 z tym artyku艂em, z ca艂膮 pewno艣ci膮 uwierzysz, 偶e integracja firmowa online to rozwi膮zanie idealne dla Ciebie!


Do you want to try something new and surprise your co-workers both at the same time? If you’re reading our blog, you must be familiar with the idea of puzzle rooms 馃槈 But did you know that, with their help, you can arrange an unforgettable event online?! Yes, it’s absolutely possible! All you and your team need is about 60 minutes of free time, a computer or a laptop, and a mouse!
Similarily to the analog game, the online company integration takes place in a room of your and your team’s choice. You connect with each other via any corporate messenger (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meets), so you have the opportunity to talk freely.
virtual escape room
You can also see the cursors of all the players on the screen, which makes it easier for you to discern which puzzle is currently being solved. And as if that wasn’t enough – the entire gameplay is supervised by a Game Master, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of hints… If necessary, of course 馃槈.


We are sure that, without hesitation, you would be able to list all the advantages an online escape room has. It’s a great way to spend time creatively, strengthen bonds between co-workers, and perhaps help to identify a future leader….
However, did you know that our gameplay can be even more exciting and, therefore, more fun?
Online team battle can increase the intensity of the experience and is based on the e-competition between subgroups, into which you can divide all the participants!
Each team has the same amount of time to play, has the same tasks in front of them and has to complete the same mission, but in addition, they still feel the breath of the other players on their necks! It is sure to turn up the excitement! Especially if you come up with a motivating reward system for the best teams 馃槈 But this is entirely up to you.
As well as the key to the victory you set for yourself. Will it be the number of points? Or will you bet on each team’s game completion time? Whichever path you take – give your employees a chance to prove themselves! Be it in the role of a criminologist or a secret agent! Believe us, you won’t regret it! 馃槈 And the online integration is already waiting for you!
online team battle


If you feel that you should rekindle the passion for work in your subordinates, strengthen their bonds with each other, stimulate creative and logical thinking, identify those who possess exceptional abilities, and give them a bit of respite and relaxation….
It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are – online integration is designed to meet the needs of both you and your team! You don’t even need to leave your house to have a great time with each other! 馃槈 And this will certainly come in handy during bad weather or greater distance.
Remember that there is an online team battle option waiting for you, which will diversify the gameplay and enrich it with e-competition and a dose of strong emotions! Such a passionate online event is sure to be remembered by every player and, after all, memories are very precious! 馃榾.
So, if you feel that this is what you have been looking for, we invite you to play in our puzzle rooms in the virtual version!

Tak wi臋c, je偶eli czujesz, 偶e w艂a艣nie tego szuka艂e艣, zapraszamy do zabawy w naszych pokojach zagadek w wirtualnej wersji!

Let’s prepare something together!