Sandomierz – 2019

The integration event was commissioned in the most criminal city of Poland, namely … in Sandomierz.

It is noteworthy that the company playing this city game did not come from the city of Father Mateusz. Here are some data::

number of players

Each team had 6-8 participants, not counting secret agents in the city… Therefore, it was easy to integrate.


120 minutes were needed to complete the entire mission. Which means that every minute was precious 馃檪

various riddles

The puzzles were varied. Above all, cooperation, logical thinking, perceptiveness and good fun counted.

new technology

In contrast to the old and atmospheric walls of the old city, each unit had the equipment of a secret agent from MI6…
Undoubtedly, the integration event on request in Sandomierz was a very interesting challenge for us, as well as a huge dose of creativity and creativity. Therefore, with great pleasure we undertook this task, and the city of Father Mateusz turned out to be the perfect place to conduct a city spy game. In addition, old tenements, charming alleys, beautiful landscapes from the viewpoints gave the whole game the right atmosphere. What’s more, players, strolling through the old city of Sandomierz, could not only see this beautiful city, but also in an unconventional way get to know each other and thus integrate. In addition, there were plenty of small stands (also in percentage in the atmospheric pubs of the Old Town) to strengthen secret agents. And as you know, no one will save the world with an empty belly! 馃槈 Therefore, if you are also looking for an idea for an interesting integration for your company, check out our success story. Do you want to show your city from a different perspective? Or invite friends to an unconventional tour of an interesting object? Invite us to yourself 馃檪 And we’ll show what we can do.
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