For schools

You want to see Cracow? That’s great! 🙂

Can sightseeing be fun? Can you solve puzzles and riddles outdoors? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Learning and having fun? A match made in heaven!

See Cracow in an active and fun way.

Even for younger adventurers

Our city games are targeted for children over 10 years old. Is your group younger? Contact us and we’ll gladly suggest individual program, custom-made specifically for you! There’s no such thing as age limit here at Escape City. Well, for the most part. ????

Not only school trips

Our experiences are not limited to schools – our treasure hunting games serve as entertainment at various events, even more private ones, like weddings. Your kids will love it! 😉

Specially crafted for children

All young people held a special place in a heart of Escape City. That’s why we prepared all our games and routes to suits all their needs. We know that you all have different needs and expectations that’s why we create an offer for both kids and adults.

Our heroes are bound to impress

Here at Escape City we’re not afraid of using latest technology in a way that will surprise even the most tech-savvy teens! Everyday objects will come to life on the screen of an iPad and talk to you. Our virtual helpers will guide you in a time of need, offering you hints that will help you find the right solution. We know from experience that augmented reality never fails to impress, regardless of age!
Are you a teacher? Show our offer to your supervisor. We know for certain that our arguments will convince even the most unyielding person! 😉

Portfolio? No problem!

See for yourself how kids can become heroes and save the world!

Touring Cracow in our way?

Why us?

Different type of sightseeing
Teenagers + guide? We know that’s not the most fortunate combination for either of sides. To change that, we offer a novel combination of exciting puzzle-packed game with sightseeing tour around the city. The educational aspect of our game is always a top priority for us that’s why our iPads will amaze you with trivia about our city told in fascinating way.
Breath of the fresh air
We’re aware that physical exercise plays a pivotal role in a life and development of every young person. Nowadays it’s hard to snatch kids from their computer screens. That’s why our games let them spend their time in an active way while still giving a computer game like experience!
Competition? All included!
Team work and healthy rivalry are an important lesson that we all need in our lives. Here in Escape City we’ll divide you into separate teams and let you compete to compare your skills. For the best of the best we’re prepared special badges- although here in Escape City everyone’s a winner. 🙂
Move your head and have fun
Our games are full of puzzles and brain-teasers, well suited for your skills and experience. To successfully complete the mission, you’ll need to solve investing riddles and scratch your head a lot. Both on the streets and in the parks, you will discover hidden boxes and locks. On your path to victory you may even meet real actors who will change the flow of your mission! Logical thinking training? We all know how important it is for every young person! 🙂
Are you from Cracow? No problem!
Our games are played by team from various cities and even countries, as well as groups from our Cracow. We offer a few selected routes, you can choose the one who looks more interesting for you know the least. Are you ready?

Are you a parent?

You want to create an amazing game event for your children for an important day like birthdays or weddings? Sure thing! Contact us! 😉

See the routes prepared for the youngest crowd.

Choose your favourite or create your own personalized order.