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Cracow is full of secrets.

Hi! We are Escape City squad

We are specialists from Escape Rooms, who went a step further: we brought a new game to Cracow, moving our puzzles to the open space. Our federation is looking for secret agents for whom nothing is impossible. Does this description fit you? Then report back to us!

We do it as the only one in Cracow and the first in Poland. Sounds good? And this is just beginning!

Crime in broad daylight

For those who love puzzles, we have something extra – from a room full of puzzles, go out into the open space and save Cracow from destruction. We will equip you with valuable weapon – iPad. It will show you all the hints and help you to discover terrible crimes and dark secrets. It’s for the best!

New generation urban games

In Escape City, we know very well on having fun – it’s our profession, the specialization that we have been dealing with for many years! We know what you don’t like in standard games – losing pieces of paper, lack of information about the progress of other teams, limited competition. And that is why we have something different for you. A new generation game!

Exciting? It’s not said enough.

Look for some hints deployed in Cracow by GPS, open virtual boxes displayed on iPad, solve puzzles, meet on your way allies and enemies. A simple bench in the park can hide the secrets necessary to complete the mission. You have only a few hours to save the city. Competition? Teams from all over Cracow. Be the best!

Escape City Games – for who?

For fans of Escape Rooms

Has not any room been able to defeat you yet? Have you swallowed many escape rooms in its entirety? Do you have a Deadpool joke and Iron Man’s acumen? Treasure Hunting is definitely something for you!

For groups of friends

Challenge a pack of friends and stand together in a row where is only one way to victory and the whole city is your arena. Guardians of the Galaxy? Of course, you are the best. And today you can prove it!

For families with children

Do you want to spend valuable time with the whole family? We have special routes created just for you. Together you will solve riddles like a Skipper, Rico, Kowalski or Private and spend time outdoors. And thanks to GPS, you will not lose the way! Let’s go guys!

For movie fans

Our games will take you to the best action movies. The only difference is that you are Jason Statham. Show what you can do!

Birthday, wedding, engagement?

Or a bachelor party?

Our games are perfect for all kinds of events. We can also organize play for you on a specific occasion.
Bachelor party?

Bachelor party?

You can dress up as Men in Black and record your adventure with a gopro webcam. One thing is certain = three such as seven, there is not one!
An unusual proposal?

An unusual proposal?

It is only up to you what treasure you will find at the end of the road!


Do not let children get bored! We will prepare a special game for you for these kind of occasion, in which we will weave the story of the Bride and Groom.
Do you want to start from scratch?

Do you want to start from scratch?

Get to know our Escape Room!

What can you expect?

Riddles with different levels of difficulty

We have routes adapted both for old mysterious stagers and for a 10 year old.
With us everyone can do Dragon Entrance!

Exciting geocaching

The game takes place on the streets of Cracow, which is vibrant with life. No worries – geocaching will protect you from getting lost!

Augmented reality

Our mysterious iPad has great possibilities – under its influence ordinary picture can come alive, speak and discover the great mystery.

Real actors and accessories

You will get a layette full of mysterious items from us and you will meet both on the road friends and enemies. Fifth Element? Right, we have them 10!

No technical skills

You do not need to be familiar with electronics to have a great time. Just a few clicks and the adventure will start by itself. Ready?

Discover the secrets of the city

The game takes place on the city streets, near important attractions that are woven into the script. You will learn something new and show knowledge like a Robert Langdon.

Current results counting

The iPad shows you at what level of game you are and also counts how much time you have left.
It also shows how far you are behind the opposing team. Remember, time is running out!

Badges for the best

We have special prizes for the winners, which will be great souvenirs for younger and older.
And shhh … we’ll tell you secretly that there are a few people in this city who have won all of them!

Competition with all of Cracow

You compete not only with the opposing team. In Escape City Games, you can joust with all of Cracow. We display the ranking of teams in social media and update on a regular basis. This is the Heroes’ War!

Open area

We hide real boxes, padlocks and other accessories on the streets of Cracow, that you have to find to complete the mission. Squeeze through the crowd, catch taxis, look in the parks – you only have 3 hours!

There are many missions and each one seems to be suicide.

Take part in the Games. Report readiness to action.

You’re competing with them.

They are the best of the best.

Meet the opponent and discover their weaknesses.

Ready? Doubt.

You can not prepare for it!

But Cracow has only you.
Show what you can do.