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Escape room for kids 


Krakow 2020

What first comes to your mind when you hear ‘escape room’? Padlocks? Locked door? Many complicated mechanical schemes? All these elements are probably an indispensable part of many such games, but would you come across this to connect it all with augmented reality? Well, this in our escape room for children!


Lost crystals, because this is Gamescape’s escape room for kids name, define new ways, including Augmented Reality in itself. What does that mean? It mean that there is a virtual, magical world locked inside iPad. It will be a guide for children’s and their keeper through whole game. Thanks to the technology, still objects are bringed to live and it leads to magical chest that is needed to be open through the journey. But there’s more! Because it also allow you to meet a gnome who is cheering players to explore their surroundings.


This combination is Poland’s first on the riddles rooms market. We were convinced by its observation of the modern world, and above all, how younger generations enter the world of advanced technologies. We decided that this form would be even more attractive and engaging, which will allow children to dive into the fascinating world of escape room games for children more easily.

escape room for kids- reviews

Indeed! When we ask our clients about their impressions, we often hear words expressing positive surprise and appreciation for the interaction of the virtual world with the environment. This is usually the time this type of game is played, even for experienced players. What is of great importance to us and fills us with pride. See the trailer:

escape Game with AR

After such success, we could not forget to continue using this tool. Currently, four games are available in our premises, which contain an element of Augmented Reality. We have already mentioned Lost Crystals, but in this noble group there are also: Einstein Unsolved (our latest game that not only uses AR, but also weaves role-play) and two city games Operacja Mindfall and Magic Portal.The virtual world provides unlimited possibilities, which can be seen in the listed games. It is an incredibly plastic tool that allows you to create newer and more developed environments. That is why we are sure that you will meet him again in our escape room!

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  • Escape room for kids: 100% 100%
  • AUGMENTED REALITY: 100% 100%
  • Amazing theme: 100% 100%
  • Satisfaction: 100% 100%
Everyone who wants to try this unusual experience is welcome to our doorstep at Kościuszki 74 w Krakowie. We guarantee that the memory of each game will stay in your mind for many years!

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