Christmas game online

a virtual escape room for the company

Case Study


Case Study

Project: Christmas game online – a virtual escape room for the company


Case Study: Christmas escape room for teams working remotely for months

Customer: A company looking for engaging teambuilding online game (remotely available, i.e. a virtual escape room online) in the pandemic era

Number of participants: 4 teams ready for the Christmas mission!

Delivery time: over 500 hours (3 people working for 14 days, 12 hours a day)

Game time: 60 minutes

Language: Polish and English

Christmas game escape room online

One day a company from Silesia came to us, looking for a solution for online integration. They wanted to play in the escape room. But the times are the way they are now and the escape rooms are closed by law (as well as other entertainment or cultural events). We suggested: maybe we can create a virtual escape room for you? “Yes!” – we heard in response – “Maybe it could be a Christmas game online?” Sure, we answered and we got to work!

Christmas game online – challenges and solutions:

1. How the division into Teams looks like in Christmas escape room? Will you send emails (GDPR) to our employees?

We divide into 6-person Teams. From us you will receive (to Organizer e-mail) a table with links for individual teams:

integracja online
Thanks to this, you do not have to share your internal e-mails with us and worry about the GDPR. For each person belonging to Team 1, it is enough to send a link to the Team 1 virtual escape room.

2. Can we play Christmas game online with more than 6 people in the Team?

Yes. However, just like in the stationary escape room, we recommend 6-person Teams for your convenience.


3. How will the cooperation within the Team look like in the Christmas escape room?

The player will see the cursors (mouse movements) of their teammates and their activities in real time on the online Christmas game screen. Thanks to this, you will work together – cooperate in a virtual escape room, just like in a traditional / stationary escape room.

integracja online
integracja online

4. What software will we need to play in virtual escape room? Do we need Zoom?

In order for the participants of the game to be able to hear and/or see each other, they can choose any communicator (MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. and even just a phone). Some companies (e.g. the banking sector) have various restrictions and cannot use a given software (e.g. Zoom), therefore our game do not require any specific form of communication. We give companies full freedom to use their corporate messengers in our virtual escape room.


5. Will the host/game master be present during the Christmas online game? Are there any hints?

Yes. The Game Master will introduce you to the Christmas escape room story. Then he will be available on the chat for a full hour (in case you need his help). Just like in the escape room (the Game Master introduces the group and then helps, e.g. through a walkie-talkie). There are hints built into the Christmas game online, so you can use a hint if the puzzle is too difficult. The short manual of the game will be also available for the players all the time.

integracja online
integracja online

6. Will we know what to do next? Won’t we get lost?

The Christmas online game is very intuitive. For example, when playing in a stationary escape room, items after use (e.g. a key to open a padlock) are put away by the Team as already used. In our virtual escape room, the items you no longer need will simply disappear from your “inventory”. Plus there are hints and the Game Master is always available. Besides, six heads are better than one ?

7. Are the riddles difficult? Can we handle it?

Of course you can. The riddles are diversified, so some will be more difficult for one and easier for others. Nevertheless, our game is focused on the large number of puzzles rather than their complexity. Besides, you can always take a hint.

8. Is there a timer in the Christmas game online? Do the all Teams start at the same time?

We all meet at the same time. However, time is counted individually for each Team. One team can start the game at 3:00 p.m., and the other team, e.g. at 3:02 p.m. However, both Teams have a full 60 minutes to complete the mission.

9. What happens when time ends? Can you make the longer Christmas game online?

As in the stationary escape room, the Game Master will add you 5-7 minutes to complete the adventure in the virtual escape room. The game is designed for 60 minutes. If you need more or less, just let us know and we will prepare a suitable for you version of the Christmas escape room.

10. Will there be a ranking / scoring?

No, this is a Christmas game online with a focus on cooperation. There is no better or worse teams. They all save Christmas together. If you really want to choose the best one, you can do it manually based on how quickly the team reports to the forum with their solution.

integracja online
integracja online


11. Will it be possible to add a puzzle related to the company or logo, etc.?

Yes. However, since additional coding will be required, this option is available at an extra cost. We can add a puzzle related to your company and / or your company logo. For details, please contact us.

12. What will we need to play Christmas escape room?

You will need a computer with access to a stable Internet.

13. Will we only play in one space of Christmas escape room?

No. As in stationary escape rooms, more than one space awaits you. How many? We do not reveal this. We do not want to spoil the surprise for you ?

Christmas teambuilding online in virtual escape room – OUTCOME:

  • SATISFACTION: 100% 100%
  • FUN: 100% 100%

Amused, relaxed and happy employees – participants in a virtual escape room (festive edition) ?

„Everyone is happy 🙂 some were very happy because it was their first escape room in their lives. Thank you very much. The fun was great!”

The task is completed, so let’s go to work! We’ll be preparing another escape room in the online version, so that no one will run out of entertainment and an opportunity to smile, even in such difficult times of the epidemic.

Want to stay up to date and know about the new virtual escape rooms? Leave us a contact to yourself in the form below. In return, we’ll give you access to a free Mental Gym – weekly riddles that will keep you in shape and give you extra entertainment!

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