Escape room, room of puzzles – the names of this entertainment are many, but they are all similarly enigmatic. What really are escape rooms and why is organizing birthdays for children there a good idea? Discover the birthday in the escape rooms from the inside out!

Birthday in what? Escape rooms in a nutshell.

ZLet’s start with the basics: it’s a type of team game. However, your children will not run after the ball, because it is not muscle strength but the ability to think logically that will lead them to victory. The task is simple – players have the task to get out of a locked room in an hour, but to do this they must show cooperation. However, this is not all! Each room is associated with a different story, which the moderator introduces before the game. Crossing the threshold, you can move to a completely different world, while entering the appropriate role. Your child can turn into a traveler, Jedi warrior or vampire slayer in an instant!

Birthdays in escape rooms –

teach by entertaining and entertaining by teaching.

Escape rooms combine pretend play loved by children with a mind-developing, logical team game. So you can say that they teach and entertain in a simple and pleasant way. Just an hour in an escape room can significantly improve the skills of teamwork, perceptiveness and cause-and-effect thinking. However, this is not all! Escape rooms also affect the development of new synaptic connections in the brain. In addition, in the age of the Internet and ubiquitous digital gadgets, escape rooms are becoming a great alternative to computer games. Therefore, they will allow you and your little ones to move to distant and fairytale places in a moment. Most importantly – fully analog! So kids can tear themselves away from all the “distractions” to have even better fun at a birthday party!

Birthdays in escape rooms – what, where and how?

Do you want to see for yourself how unforgettable moments you can offer your children? Be sure to call us and see for yourself! Visit children’s birthday page for more details – birthday in our escape rooms is more than just a game! See also our children’s birthday outside!