Case Study

An integration event for 220 people!

Case Study: An integration game for 220 people!

Client: Event agency looking for immersive teambuilding entertainment for your corporate client.

Number of participants: 220

Execution time: 1.5 months

Game time: 2-2.5 hours

Language: English

You must read this case study! You will find in it everything what tigers like best: there will be secret agents, there will be a filming drone, there will be competition and lots of emotions! We honestly admit that we like this project! 🙂


One day, a well-known event agency came to our office looking for original and exciting entertainment for a 180-person team of the Krakow corporation.

Our proposal?

A unique city game with Augmented Reality, based on the use of modern technologies and focused on competition and solving logic puzzles. In brief? Master level integration. As we like it, as we recommend! 🙂

From the beginning, the client had many fears – fear of the open space, fear about the number of people participating in the game, about the game itself and the scale of such an event – so from the beginning we had to dispel it and during meetings prove how fascinating entertainment we can prepare for the company. We did it with our gift of persuasion. Score? Another scenario just wasn’t an option! 🙂



The challenge in these types of events is above all logistics. Everything has to be perfectly planned so that each team has their route – without waiting for the others, without stoppages and crowded or busy places of the city. Yes – we have thought about everything, there is no cases, there is no accidents. We got it!

No less important is that the game ended for everyone at about the same time and everyone had the same difficulty of the route and the same chance of winning. You know: law, justice and so on;). In addition, each route had to go through the picturesque, full of monuments area of Krakow to combine exciting integration with the tourist sightseeing of the city.

As a result, to reconcile all these points, we worked many routes – in the end they were chosen the fifth version, and our team had to go over 250 km to test them! Admit it, it’s a nice result;) Even Endomondo congratulated us!


The next step was to prepare the script. Our quest? How to create a game that will interest almost 200 people?

We had many doubts. What scheme of the game should we adopt, so that no one is bored and each of the 6-person team had something to do? What characters should be created to make them fit, interesting and intriguing? How much time to set for each puzzle to complete the game in the time given by the client?


The script was prepared entirely in English.

We put emphasis not only on the visual part of the game, but also puzzles, which on the one hand will be a challenge and on the other will not be too difficult so that the gameplay does not become tiring;). In this type of events, the Aristotelian golden mean is important: the game is on time, it should be exciting and somewhat “on the run”, so it can’t bet on too heavy puzzles to not bore the team – on the other hand, it would be too banal to take away its character.

And we like games with roe – and not just with happy ending! In the end we proposed riddles known from the films about superagents, so that each employee could become a superhero;) Well, who would not like to be such? Exactly!

At the beginning, we proposed 6-person teams to the client – this number increases the chances that the group will have different approaches to the game (including those more distant), and yet the fun will be at the right level, and the team will have a lot of good energy. And our team was most interested in this 🙂

EscapeCity experience shows that too small teams can be a problem, as well as too large ones that interfere with good quality teambuilding. We mean an integration! 🙂


Thanks to the well-planned routes and modern technology used in the game, each team has an equal chance of winning – its time is calculated from the start click on the iPad, so the order of handing out the equipment did not matter.

Subsequent tasks and puzzles are displayed automatically as soon as you arrive at the destination, so there was no problem with waiting for the so-called Game Master, so downtime and boredom.


In addition, the equipment has a built-in GPS with the game route, which eliminates the risk of getting lost during the game, which is often the case with classic city games. Is it true that we have thought of everything? That’s right! 🙂

For our part, we have done everything (really everything!) So that users do not get bored – not only an interesting game (players play secret agents who must save Krakow from the criminal organization SpiderTech) and engaging logical tasks, but also real props or technology of augmented reality that many participants met for the first time.

To boost the action, we also decided to count the results of all teams on the iPad in real time – in this way the competition reached the level of 999,999! 😉


The entire implementation, from inquiry to event took 1.5 months to our team.

An additional difficulty was information about increasing the number of participants a few days before the event – from 180 to 220 people! It may sound innocent, but sweat rolled down our backs – after all, these are more routes to be developed, in addition, when the event was about to begin.

The players took part in 32 teams of SuperAgents, each team had to go about 4 km route, which took them an average of 2 hours – exactly as much as the time we had at the customer’s disposal. During this time, the teams solved several cool tasks, and the trail full of puzzles ran through Krakow routes, who everyone knows, recommends and writes about them in guidebooks!
Our charming team was watching over the whole game, which resembles the characters of a fairy tale … 🙂 Curious what? Click!

We watched over logistics and iPad service technical support, gamification and equipping teams with their new superpowers! We did not forget about the client: we communicated with him on a regular basis so that he knew exactly about each stage, every move they make, every step they take…


Such an organization would not have been possible without our well-coordinated dream team which can rely on each other. We are invincible!


According to the plan, point 13 we got a return of the equipment, and the participants were taken over by the client, and in EscapeCity the fiesta began on the occasion of this victory :).

There were fires in the eyes! We heard many warm words from participants about the tasks themselves (you had to think and to germinate, the solutions were not so obvious) and great delight over augmented reality technology. In addition, all struggles of users were filmed by a drone - as a souvenir;)

According to the plan, point 13 we got a return of the equipment, and the participants were taken over by the client, and in EscapeCity the fiesta began on the occasion of this victory :).


  • FUN: 100% 100%
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 100% 100%


Who would not want to be a hero? We don’t know. The corporate team had a great time, and we breathed a sigh of relief and satisfaction – it was a great challenge;).

We are glad that the client gave us a great deal of trust and we managed to organize everything in a 100% satisfactory way – without any breaks, emergency calls etc. To sum up: we are looking forward to the next time! 🙂

To be continued…