About us

Everything started from a single friendship.
And later? Later was just getting better.

They met on studies. All three of them. They had a bigger connection than You can ever imagine. Each of them loved having fun with friends, from dancing to movie nights, and it doesnt end on board games.
They organised students life and also their friends birthdays. With them there was no need to say anything twice, they always did a good job. And when they thought they knew all about fun….they found something called escape room. And they were gone.
And then, when they have known all escape rooms in Cracow, they realised, they wanted more.
They wanted more, better, longer and cooler!
And this is how the Gamescape was created.
Now? They went further. To the city!
Now it’s turn for escape city.
And they continue having fun!

Meet Our Angels

Charlie’s? Or maybe Cracow’s?:)


In company: Skipper

Favourite movie character: Hulk First strategist, visioner, music soul, for whom inventing games and riddles is a piece of cake like for Carrie Bradshaw wearing high heels. It’s her second skin. She is a Skiper in her team, she won’t rest until she finds a solution, there, where its needed. There, where You need a superhero.
Without her is like without Wi-Fi. It just won’t work.

After hours? She has a soft spot for spanish language users. If You know what i mean!


In company: Kowalski

Favourite movie character: Jack Sparrow She is taking care of graphic side of the company and internet. Creates graphics, and even do-it-yourself stuff – she likes, when something comes from nothing, something new. She’s always after something new like King Julian from the Madagascar, never looks back. She is taking care of scenography and our WWW site. Endlessly creative, always testing, planning and painting.
Privately? She has an affair with Dan Brown.


In company: Private

Favourite movie character: MacGyver Relation girl. She loves people and people loves her – this kind of relationship is what our company values the most. Optimist, energy volcano, born listener. People love her for this. She will always see new possibilities, she has sixth sense as well as a nose for occasions. Do not disturb her while she’s working. Eventually… you can turn some good vibe music on! She will probably go along with the rythm.
Behind the scenes, she has no match in driving scooter. More? Love she carries for the mountains, forests and nature makes You think she can be mistaken for some dryad.

Intelligent fun?

Escape rooms, or maybe EscapeCity? Let’s do it togheter!